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Etheos Analytic Dashboard

Etheos, the VDA Telkonet Guest Room Management System (GRMS), offers a blend of technology and aesthetics; form and function.  

Etheos is a cloud-based platform for monitoring and controlling in-room technology, including smart switches, HVAC controllers, and card readers.  

Behind the scenes, the Etheos software automates and streamlines various aspects of guest room operations, from lighting and temperature control to entertainment and security.
That said, the true power of the Etheos platform lies in the analytics it generates.

  • Predictive Maintenance 
    Etheos can monitor the performance of various room systems, such as HVAC and lighting. By analyzing equipment usage data, energy consumption, and error logs, hoteliers can predict maintenance needs and schedule preventative maintenance. This proactive approach helps prevent system failures, reduces downtime, and ensures guest comfort. 

  • Energy Management
    Etheos is a powerful tool for optimizing energy consumption. Etheos analytics provide real-time data on energy consumption in guest rooms. By harnessing this data, hoteliers can identify energy-saving opportunities and optimize energy usage. As an example, analytics may reveal patterns of high energy consumption during certain times of the day or when specific room features are in use. Hotels can thereby implement energy-saving measures and reduce their carbon footprint. 

  • Centralized Management
    With Etheos, hotel management can easily monitor and control groups of rooms from a centralized platform (groups such as VIP rooms, the entire third floor, or all 2-bedroom suites on the property). This eliminates the need for manual intervention in each room and allows for quick and efficient maintenance and troubleshooting. Hotel staff can remotely manage room settings, track energy consumption, and address guest requests promptly, leading to improved operational efficiency. 

  • Enhanced Security
    Etheos includes advanced security features such as keycard access control and alarms. Hotel management can monitor safety alerts and respond swiftly. These features ensure a safe and secure environment for guests, giving them peace of mind throughout their stay.  

  • Guest Comfort
    Property staff uses Etheos to monitor room temperature, troubleshoot network and firmware issues, create schedules for HVAC control, lights, etc., and view a history of a guest room’s activity.
    Front Desk staff can create guest keys, monitor or change DND/MUR status, change room temperature and fan speed remotely for the comfort of the guest. 

  • Integration with other systems
    Etheos seamlessly integrations with other systems, including property management systems (PMS). This integration enables the sharing of data and information, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined operation. The analytics it provides give our clients valuable insights into guest preferences and behavior, allowing our clients to deliver personalized services during their stay and in future visits. 

Ultimately, the analytics that Etheos provides can be a game changer for your property. Our ability to enhance your guests’ comfort, optimize energy consumption, and streamline operations can help you meet and exceed your guests’ expectations. 

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