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The metal switch collection


Axia is the prestigious collection of latest generation tactile switch devices designed to meet the needs of interior design, inspire creativity and create exclusive solutions.

We draw aesthetics, we inspire creativity

With its elegant finishes and the wide choice of solutions, Axia offers the luxury sector a refined product that combines Italian technology, style and know-how in a single device.

The manual manufacturing process makes each device absolutely unique, and the slight perceptible differences are a guarantee of the craftsmanship of the product.

Technology and Craftsmanship for an exclusive product

The standard version has a scratch-resistant brushed stainless steel aesthetic, with the possibility of customizing the design by choosing from around 40 different finishes made through galvanic processes (from 8 to 12 steps) that recreate effects such as brass, bronze , gold, silver and many others.

Design your system

The aesthetic of every Axia device is unique and combinable.
Axia consists of an interchangeable magnetic plate in 304 stainless steel, fixed to its support through nickel-plated neodymium magnets. Machined from solid aluminium, manually polished and subject to subsequent nickel plating phases, the Axia devices combine craftsmanship and care for detail.

Customized Collection

The brass buttons, available in round and square shape, are flanked by an RGB LED that, in a clear and non-invasive way, indicates the status of each selected function (light, curtain, Do Not Disturb or Make Up Room function). The backlight automatically fades after a few seconds.

The Collection

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