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The mechanical switch collection


Swing is the ideal collection for the middle-scale segment Hotels thanks to its easy installation, high customization, and low cost.

The mechanical switch collection

Swing is the first series of rocker switches from the VDA Group that completes and expands the catalog of smart devices designed for the Hotel room.

The new series is available in black color, and offers the possibility of customizing the icons with the proposals available in the catalog.
The icons feature extremely clear and legible laser machining, which are backlit in RGBW, and can be associated with specific colors depending on the functionality or mode chosen (e.g., for ‘Night Light’, ‘Do Not Disturb’ or ‘Make-up Room’ modes).

Harmony has a new shape

Like the entire range of VDA solutions, Swing was developed based on the People-centric Hospitality philosophy and finds its ultimate realization in the proximity function, which ensures high usability of the device even in the dark and enhances the guest experience during the Hotel stay.

Compatible with Micromaster, the platform that has dictated the rules of the Guest Room Management System, and with Etheos, the new cloud-based Room Management System. Swing is the ideal solution for those who do not want to give up GRMS while having a limited budget.

The Collection

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