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Energy efficiency with smart thermostats!

Do you want to cut your energy costs by up to 40% while improving sustainability? With VDA Telkonet’s energy-saving solutions, it’s now possible! Our solutions are designed for hotels looking to reduce their bills and become more eco-friendly. With simple and quick installation, replacing old thermostats with smart ones is a breeze. Thanks to immediate Wi-Fi connectivity, the devices are up and running in no time. Perfect for hotels undergoing renovations!


Rhapsody is Telkonet’s second-generation EMS platform, the EMS for buildings committed to implementing sustainability measures that will be impactful into the future. Rhapsody is the EMS committed to the future of our climate and our world. Rhapsody can save up to 40% on in-room energy expenditures, and the platform can pay for itself in an average of three years.


Facilities engineers use Rhapsody. So do hospitality front desk staff, sustainability managers, and staff responsible for controlling energy usage. Rhapsody software monitors and controls network devices.

The Rhapsody software is cloud-based; our clients use it anywhere there is an internet connection. With Rhapsody’s user-friendly graphics, properties can:

  • Track energy usage
  • Monitor HVAC trends
  • Evaluate in-room equipment performance
  • Proactively identify potential issues before occupants are ever aware of them
  • Enable alerts
  • View multiple sites from a single platform

Its innovative open-system technology enables it to integrate with the communication protocols that many properties already use: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Zigbee. Rhapsody’s Wi-Fi capability makes installing, configuring, and remotely troubleshooting quick and easy.

Rhapsody Mobile

Rhapsody also comes as a mobile app designed for system installers for easy installation and setup. Rhapsody Mobile is also available for residents at MDU, student housing, military housing, and comparable properties where they can set up energy savings modes and control their thermostats from their smart devices.

Rhapsody Mobile is available for both iOS and Android.


Our thermostats use Wi-Fi to connect to the Rhapsody platform. This wireless connection can ride on pre-existing access points throughout the building, saving on equipment and installation costs.


Our thermostats can use Bluetooth to integrate with door locks, panic buttons, and other third-party devices. This makes them future-proof: our thermostats will be compatible with future Bluetooth technology you may be considering.


Our thermostats cancan use Zigbee to communicate with a whole suite of Telkonet devices like sensors and door contacts, and third-party devices. Rhapsody thermostats gather data about the room (including occupancy, temperature, humidity, and HVAC runtime) and transmit it to the cloud-based Rhapsody command center. The thermostat also receives commands from the Rhapsody software, such as “allow the temperature to drift” if no one is in the room.

Rhapsody thermostats feature the PIR occupancy sensor, calibrated to extreme sensitivity so they can even detect sleeping guests. They feature humidity sensors as well and are humidity control capable. They all work seamlessly with PTACs, fan coils, heat pumps, split systems, and more. Each offers analog output options. Rhapsody thermostats are available in a high voltage option. They are also available in a low voltage option which does not require a wall box.

Touch Combo

The stylish, upscale Touch Combo is Rhapsody’s premier thermostat, serving as a controller and user interface in one device. It features a capacitive touch glass screen. This interactive, glass-front screen also features haptic feedback, and our clients can customize which images appear on it. There is a dry contact option.


The economical yet stylish Aida functions as a controller and user interface in one device. The button set is customizable to enable additional features. Button options include On/Off, F°/C°, Heat/ Cool, Fan Speed, DND/MUR/. It is hard-wired to the HVAC unit. It can handle a wide range of voltages, a benefit when properties have a variety of HVAC units of different power feeds. Aida was designed to use the latest communication protocols in the industry: Wi-Fi, BLE, and Zigbee.

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