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How Smart Buildings
Achieve ROI with
Energy Management Systems

Turn your rooms into smart rooms with a payback in 3 years

The primary goal of an Energy Management System is saving energy. Lots of energy.
Typically, Rhapsody, the VDA Telkonet EMS, saves an impressive 30-45% on guest room energy consumption.
In fact, it saves so much energy that it can pay for itself in 2-3 years!

What is an EMS?

Are you familiar with Energy Management Systems (EMS)? They share similarities with Guest Room Management Systems (GRMS). They feature smart guest room devices plus in-room controllers that gather data about the room. In an EMS platform, the controller is the thermostat. Ultimately the thermostat sends the data to cloud-based software, which analyzes the data, tracks trends, and helps hoteliers remotely manage guest room details. With this real-time data, an EMS can also help optimize internal operations. (For example, only inspect HVAC systems with high runtimes, only change batteries on devices that require it. 

How Does it Save Energy?

How can an EMS save so much energy? At VDA Telkonet, the secret is the thermostats’ PIR (passive infrared) occupancy sensors, calibrated to extreme sensitivity. When guests leave the room, the temperature can drift, and optionally turn off lights, close drapes on the sunny side of the building to save energy, and more. EMS systems can interface with property management systems. When guest rooms are unsold, the temperature can drift even further. 

Is it Hard to Install?

Installing an EMS is a streamlined process. VDA Telkonet’s Rhapsody platform uses Wi-Fi as its communication protocol, taking advantage of a building’s existing Wi-Fi access points, saving time and money on installation.  

Rhapsody is quick and easy to install. Thermostats can usually be mounted on existing junction boxes; there is usually no need to run additional cables, and thermostats can be powered by the HVAC system.  (VDA Telkonet works with a wide variety of HVAC brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Sanyo, and more.) 

There’s no need to find highly skilled engineers with extensive technical experience. Installation is not a complicated process, and after a couple of hours of training, installers are ready to go to work. After installation, leave it to VDA or its affiliates to configure and commission the thermostats. 

Guest Comfort and Satisfaction

An EMS is not strictly about saving energy, however. Rhapsody also contributes to guest comfort and satisfaction. With our PIR occupancy sensors, the air conditioning will not shut off in the middle of the night when sleeping guests are not moving. And it can offer warm welcoming lighting scenes on guest first entry. No two properties are the same. When choosing their temperature ranges and setbacks, hotels can strike the perfect balance between guest comfort and energy savings. 

VDA Telkonet thermostats offer customizable options like color, button configuration, and a property’s logo. 

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