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Park Hyatt Doha

Park Hyatt Doha is a sophisticated retreat located in Msheireb Downtown Doha, the world’s first sustainable downtown regeneration project where guests can immerse themselves in masterful works of art, indulge in personalized Spa treatments or take part in an exquisite culinary journey.

Rooms artfully combine minimalistic luxury with the mystique of Qatari- inspired heritagewhile featuring, floor to ceiling windows, spa-like bathrooms and enviable views of Msheireb, city and Corniche.

VDA’s Guest Room Management System is providing controls for 187 Rooms; the technology is based on low voltage Modbus protocol to control the DALI based guest room lights, HVAC,and curtains. The system provides server-level integration with Assa Abloy Access Control, as well as an integration with HUDINI to control the lighting, HVAC, and curtains through an IPad. The solution also ensures advanced energy management through PIR and PMS Interface.

VDA’s Micromaster is a simple to use, simple to install, set of room environment management tools, that allow a Hotel to efficiently micro-manage all of the room facilities, whilst providing increased guest satisfaction and substantial savings in both energy and labor costs.

With the Assa Abloy integrated access control, the guest uses the issued valid key at the reader on the door, where the Assa Abloy reader transfers information to VDA’s GRMS controller through their server. Once the access into the room is achieved, all of the assigned in-room lights, the air-con, and curtains activate, creating a “Courtesy “scenario as programmed by the Operator from the server.


VDA & Assa Abloy

With this integration VDA GRMS system eliminates the use of a door contact and the door activity is provided to VDA through the server level integration.

The integration also allows VDA GRMS to retrieve from the door lock a number of unencrypted information such as the entrance of a guest or staff, the throw and release of a deadbolt, the open or close status of the door, if required.

With these events, the VDA ICU controller can perform Welcome Scenarios based on the entrance of the guest or staff and the vacant or occupied status of the room, as well as initiating an Energy Saving algorithm when combining the Door Status with PIRs signals.


The Micromaster & Hudini integration uses the existing Wi-Fi infrastructure in the Hotel for server-to-server data exchange and realizes the creation of the Hotel Application in which the guest will be able to manage their stay through an IPad.

Within the guest room, the control of lights, curtains, temperature, room service, and entertainment will all take place through a single and intuitive graphic interface.

The Hudini application can be installed on a device in the room or downloaded directly to a mobile. This allows the guest to access the services offered by the hotel and to control the automation of their room seamlessly and efficiently.

The PIR technology in the guest room further enhances the hotel’s management as well as the guest experience. The passive infrared sensor within the room detects changes in infrared radiation which occur when there is movement by a person which has different temperature from the surroundings. Based on the room size and layout, VDA’s Engineers design the PIR location which is then connected to the in-room controllers to understand guest presence for energy management. This technology ensures that the hotel saves energy at full capacity, by keeping the guest room lights, HVAC, etc. active while the guest is present, and keeping them inactive when the guest is not present to facilitate ultimate efficiency of energy-consumption at the hotel.

VDA’s GRMS system allows each room to have their own independent temperature profile for every hour of every day for the entire year. Associated with this profile, it is also possible to set different ambient temperature as part of the energy conservation program.The system is sufficiently intelligent to increase the ambient temperature to the desirable comfort level using the most energy efficient method within the time available.

From a management perspective, it is possible to manage all of the control switches connected to the guest room management system which can be managed and monitored either per room or as a group. The central control unit uses a simple graphical user interface to manage the software features. For each software function, the information can be displayed using a series of plans showing all rooms, a floor or even a single room. Icons are used to simplify the information.


Through the ready integration with Property Management System (PMS), the System presents real time information to the VDA software in the reception/administration PC to notify them of various In-Room occurrences, such as the Guest presence and the Do Not Disturb and Make Up Room Status. This information will enable employees to react in a more efficient manner. Through notifications received from the PMS system about a guest check-in, the system can welcome the guests with various scenes of lighting and climate control.

The RMS Central Control Unit records all system activity. The information can be displayed and printed upon request. All alarms and malfunctions are instantly displayed in an obvious way on all screens containing the Micromaster guest room management software.