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For those who love luxurious and on-trend environments, the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli is a dream that takes shape with its large, decorated rooms, and elegant furniture. Located a few minutes from the Palace of Caserta, the hotel is the ideal place to escape from everyday life and take refuge in a royal residence adorned with a tranquil swimming pool and vast gardens.

The beauty and harmony of this environment still does not give up on comfort and technological innovation, it always ensures guests the best services.

The 250 rooms of the hotel have different furnishings and sizes, satisfying both the businessman and the couple on a holiday. Each room has various features and automation options to ensure the customer every type of comfort. The technological services designed and developed by VDA relate harmoniously to the retro style, making the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli a real Smart Hotel.

Micromaster is the integrated Guest Room Management system chosen by the Grand Hotel Vanvitelli to manage the access, climate, and lighting controls of each Smart Room. Thanks to the micromaster’s centralized control, the hotel management’s work is simplified, and guarantees to offer maximum comfort, both inside the guestrooms and throughout the common areas.

To accompany the aesthetic elegance of the furnishings, the hotel chose the installation of the Vitrum smart switches, particularly distinctive for their carved glass aesthetics and for their extreme versatile application. The iconographic elements present on the plate indicate the possible functionalities in an intuitive and immediate way for the customer.

By inserting the RFID card in the room’s presence reader, the guest can automatically activate all the services connected to the room. Similarly, once the card is removed from the reader, the “Energy Saving” mode is activated.

Using Vitrum control panels, the guest can interact with the Micromaster system and set their own preferences. Through the temperature control panel, you can change the set-points and the ventilation speed, set the function for energy saving, or turn off the conditioning system. Regarding the lighting, the master off/on option allows complete control of the room lights and the management of lighting scenarios, allows for a programmable and customizable experience in every aspect.

The Grand Hotel Vanvitelli has chosen to install the home automation system also in the SPA Naboo, nominated “The Best Luxury Hotel SPA of Southern Europe”. VDA’s technological solutions guarantees the best guest experience, allowing them to relax, enjoy, and be immersed every second of their stay. In the same way, automation services simplify the work of qualified personnel and optimise each service.