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The Siam Hotel in Thailand is a private urban sanctuary, a beautiful luxury Hotel, full of art and antiques and located at Bangkok’s beautiful river side amidst three acres of lush gardens of the Chao Phraya River. The Siam is located close to some of the most visited historical and cultural attractions in Bangkok.

The Siam Hotel and VDA Group as the Hotel partner for Interactive TV service. The touch point between the Hotel and guest opens up ease and flexibility for the Hotel to promote its services through TV in the guest room and promote its offers simultaneously to guest through the business television platform and entertainment functions in the room.

Thanks to the PowerTV ONAIR, either through the TV in the guest room or from the guest mobile devices, the Hotel can communicate in real time about the activities, promotions and information scheduled in the Hotel to the guest such as information on the city, recommended restaurants, movies or listening to music: all on demand and in digital technology.

Powered by a cloud-based platform, the PowerTV ONAIR system of VDA allows the centralization of software and firmware updates of the system itself. In part to a locally installed, its reliability ensures the continuity of service even in the absence of connectivity to the cloud.

The Hotel will be able to manage directly, in an easy and intuitive way, its information, while autonomously updating content and images.