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Two Important Energy Management System Benefits: Scalability and Customization

Telkonet’s Energy management system (EMS) is designed to be scalable and customizable to accommodate the unique needs and requirements of different properties. In this article we address how EMS achieves scalability and customization 


What do we mean by “scalability” in this context? In this context, scalability means that a client can purchase the Rhapsody energy management cloud-based platform for a single property to start with, and gradually add their other properties to the platform in a strategic manner based on budget and other needs. It could also mean adding additional hardware to the rooms at a future date. (For example, adding door contacts as the budget allows, for the benefit of identifying patio doors that have been left open.) 

Energy management systems are designed to scale with the size and complexity of an organization’s energy management needs. They can handle multiple sites, buildings, or facilities within a single interface. This allows organizations to manage energy consumption on a broader scale. This is a cool feature. Clients can view a high-level status of how much energy ALL their properties use. All on one handy screen. Additionally, perhaps they have concerns about energy usage anomalies at one property.  They can drill down to the individual property, and to the individual room to investigate further.  The software indicates that that an HVAC unit shows an unusually high runtime; the HVAC is working too hard. A facilities engineer can investigate further. Whether an organization has a few locations or a global presence, EMS can accommodate their expansion and growth without compromising functionality or performance. 

There is more good news about scalability: an EMS can integrate with existing infrastructure, including building management systems (BMS), property management systems (PMS), and renewable energy sources. This scalability ensures that organizations can leverage their current energy management investments while expanding their capabilities over time. 


EMS solutions offer flexibility in terms of customization to align with an organization’s specific requirements. Key aspects of customization include: 

Reporting and Analytics: EMS can provide customizable reports and analytics to track energy consumption, identify patterns, and highlight areas for improvement. This is how an EMS can pay for itself in three years or less! Organizations can customize reports to focus on specific metrics, compare performance across different sites, or create unique visualizations tailored to their needs. 

Alerts and Notifications: EMS allows organizations to set up customized alerts and notifications based on specific energy consumption thresholds, anomalies, and equipment malfunctions. Customization ensures that the right personnel receive timely alerts, enabling them to take corrective action before minor issues turn into major problems that disrupt the guest experience. 

User Permissions and Access Control: EMS provides granular control over user permissions and access levels, ensuring that different stakeholders have appropriate access to data and functionalities. Customization allows organizations to define roles, responsibilities, and access levels based on their internal hierarchy and requirements. 

Energy Efficiency Measures: EMS can be customized to accommodate specific energy efficiency measures, such as scheduling equipment inspections only on certain HVACs, adjusting lighting levels, or optimizing HVAC systems. Customization ensures that organizations can implement tailored energy-saving strategies based on their unique operational needs. Guest comfort and energy savings is a delicate balance, and with an EMS, clients decide on the balance right for their properties.  

Integration with Other Systems: EMS can be customized to integrate with other systems, such as building management systems (BMS), PMS platforms or other third-party systems. Integration enables organizations to streamline the exchange of data and leverage existing software investments. 

By offering scalability and customization, EMS solutions provide organizations with the flexibility to adapt and grow their energy management strategies while aligning with their specific goals and requirements. This ensures that organizations can optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and achieve sustainability targets effectively. And that’s a beautiful thing! 

Contact Telkonet today to find out how we can customize YOUR energy management system.