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VDA Telkonet announces strategic partnership with Nonius for IPTV solutions in Hospitality

Pordenone, March 21, 2024 – VDA Telkonet, a group providing IoT technology solutions for the hospitality sector, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Nonius, a leading global company offering digital technology for hotel guests. This collaboration between the two groups aims to enhance the offering of interactive TV and Casting in the hospitality sector, ensuring customers cutting-edge solutions for an unprecedented guest experience.

Technological know-how, customer orientation, and the ambition to offer a cutting-edge guest experience are the shared objectives of the two groups. “In Nonius, we have found the ideal partner who shares our People-Centric philosophy, capable of enriching our IPTV and Casting offerings with innovative solutions designed for the hospitality sector.” said Piercarlo Gramaglia, CEO of VDA Telkonet. “Nonius has distinguished itself for its solutions in the world of interactive TV and is now the only player offering a casting solution based on Google Chromecast Gen4 with a unique user interface for any platform. With Nonius, we share the vision of the future: creating engaging and personalized experiences for guests, using innovative technologies to anticipate and meet their needs, and ensuring a memorable stay.” Piercarlo Gramaglia concludes.

Nonius’ IPTV solutions offer a full range of features, from personalized entertainment options to effective management of internal communications. Thanks to this partnership, VDA Telkonet’s customers will be able to benefit from IPTV solutions that seamlessly integrate their business needs and meet guest expectations.

“VDA is a global leader in IoT technology, with extensive experience delivering Interactive TV solutions to the hospitality market. We are honored for the opportunity to be selected by VDA as the technology partner for Interactive TV and CAST technology.” affirmed Nonius’ CEO, Antonio Silva. “Nonius has distinguished itself for its interactive TV and Cast products and stands out as the sole provider offering an interactive TV combined with casting solution built on Google Chromecast Gen4, complemented by a distinct user experience. Together with VDA, we’re aligned in our vision for the future: delivering captivating and personalized guest experiences, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to anticipate and meet their requirements, and ensuring an unforgettable hotel stay.” Antonio Silva concluded.

About Nonius
Nonius is a global leader in providing cutting-edge guest-facing solutions tailored for the hospitality market. Their comprehensive suite of offerings includes Interactive TV, Cast, Mobile App, Guest Wi-Fi, Networks, Digital Signage, Voice, and seamless Integrations with other hotel systems. Their cloud-based solutions are designed to be green, lean, and highly efficient, elevating the digital guest experience while streamlining hotel operations. With nearly two decades of experience, their solutions currently serve over 555,600 rooms across 109 countries. Supported by a skilled in-house software engineering and technical customer support team of 4650 professionals, Nonius is uniquely positioned to deliver innovative solutions technology that meet the evolving needs of the industry.