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me opus dubai

ME Dubai Opus by Zaha Hadid

ME Dubai is located in the heart of the Burj Khalifa District, just a short distance from its major shopping destinations, design hubs and fashion avenues. Designed by Zaha Hadid, ME Dubai offers architecture and design lovers something to marvel at, with interior and exterior masterpieces galore. Guests can get together and indulge in authentic Spanish dishes at Central, while The Maine Oyster Bar and Grill, and Roka by Zuma are also situated within the hotel. Guests can also work out in 650 m2 of the most technologically advanced fitness equipment on the market, including the city’s first Technogym Biocircuit. VDA’s Guest Room Management System provides controls for the 93 bedrooms, where the technology is based on low voltage Modbus protocol that controls the guest room lights, HVAC, and also curtains. The system provides server level integration with Vingcard Access Control, as well as an integration with Innspire to control the lighting, HVAC, and curtains through the TV, and mobile app. The solution also ensures advanced energy management through a PIR and PMS Interface. VDA’s Micromaster is a simple to install, and simple to use, set of room environment management tools that allows a Hotel to efficiently manage all of the room facilities whilst providing increased guest satisfaction and savings in energy and labour costs for the hotel. With the Vingcard integrated access control, the guest presents a valid key at the reader on the door, which subsequently transfers information to VDA’s GRMS controller through their server. Once access into the room is achieved, all of the assigned in-room lights, the air-con, and curtains continue to create a courtesy scenario as programmed by the operator from the server. With this integration the VDA Guest Room Management System eliminates the use of a door contact, where the action of opening of the door is provided to VDA through the room level wired interface. The integration allows the VDA’s GRMS to retrieve from the Vingcard reader a number of unencrypted pieces of information such as whether the entrance is by a guest or the staff, or the open/close status of the door. Through these events, the VDA controller performs welcome scenarios based on whether the entrance is by a guest or by Hotel staff, and also the occupancy status of the room. It also well initiates an energy saving algorithm when combining the door status with the signals from the PIR’s. To ensure a guest’s comfort and safety, through the latest technology VDA has mechanically integrated an Axis camera, so that a guest is able to see who is outside their door. The pinhole camera Is positioned within VDA’s outdoor panel, and through an integration with Innspire, the camera view finder is opened on the TV or mobile app when the bell is pressed. The Micromaster & Innspire integration sits on the already present Wi-Fi infrastructure within the Hotel, and through the server-to-server data exchange, it provides the Hotel application. This allows the guest to access the services offered by the Hotel, and to control the automation of their room seamlessly and efficiently. ecc ecc