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The MEC Paestum Hotel is a luxurious Hotel in a contemporary design, surrounded by a lush Mediterranean garden, and sitiuated on the Cilento Coast. All the rooms of this 5-star Hotel are cared for in detail and are designed to make the stay of its guests simply charming and unique.

With the furniture, lighting, technology and design, the experiential tour of MEC Pestum begins here. The bright and most welcoming rooms, their fine finishes, and the VDA Guest Room Management System make this hotel the ideal setting for an unforgettable guest experience.

The GRMS used in the MEC Paestum Hotel is called Micromaster, an integrated system of distributed intelligent Room Management, developed by VDA for the world of Hospitality allowing you to manage access, climate, and the lighting.

Energy saving, ease of management of the system by operators, and a high level of customization are the characteristics for which the VDA Micromaster system was selected for the smart rooms of the MEC Paestum Hotel.

The VDA platform provides the Hotel with a tailor-made solution, to enable automated management of the rooms and common areas, in particular access, lights and climate control.

At check-in the guest is provided with an access card so permit access to the room. Through Micromaster, the Hotel is able to monitor entry, receive information relating to security, check the history of the entry’s and exits from the Hotel room, and receive notifications of any abnormal events or alarms happening.

MEC Paestum Hotel has chosen for its aesthetics the smart switches of the Vitrum range. The sculptured glass plates, thanks to their extreme versatility, have been customized in a matt finish, to meet the specific requirements of the client, and to harmonize with the design of the environment.
The guest can use Vitrum switches to interact intuitively and practically with the temperature control and room services.

The Micromaster system ensures optimal management of the air conditioning system and energy consumption, to provide the guest with the best comfort setting in the room. The presence sensor informs the system whether the room is occupied or not, and adjusts the temperature according to the set point selected for the relevent season. The VITRUM temperature control panel permits the guest to change the set-point and fan speed, to set the power saving function, or turn off the air conditioning system completely.