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Palazzo di Varignana, a few kilometers from Bologna and Castel San Pietro Terme, is located in the elegant setting of the hills of the town from which it takes its name. Totally immersed in the spectacle of the lush landscape, a structure comprising of 146 rooms developed on 6 different complexes, is perfectly integrated into the hillside.

Palazzo Varignana selected VDA Group’s Room Management System thanks to the expertise that VDA has gained within the Hospitality market over the last 40 years.

The Room Management System, named Micromaster, allows the Hotel to manage, in an integrated way, the 146 rooms of Palazzo Varignana. Thanks to the chosen technology, it is possible to manage room access, lighting through different lighting scenarios, and also temperature control, providing important energy savings when the guest is not present in the room.

Palazzo Varignana chose Vitrum, the Italian designed switch with its smooth surfaces and elegant lines, providing a high profile and sensory impact to the guest.

It is a product that can be installed very easily, and in standard back boxes, does not require buses, control units or additional wiring, using the most popular network protocols in the world.