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Hotel Dei Cavalieri is an historical 4 star Hotel near Piazza Duomo in Milan, near the Teatro Alla Scala and the famous Via Montenapoleone.

The Hotel dei Cavalieri has an historical importance for the city of Milan and represents the perfect balance between history and innovation. Established immediately after the war, in a beautiful building designed by the architect Emilio Lancia and the studio of Giò Ponti, the Hotel stands out today for its technology.

The Hotel dei Cavalieri chose VDA’s automation system for its 237 rooms and public areas, where the VDA Guest Room Management System provides access control using a door reader and presence sensor, a camera management system, and includes light and climate control.

The proposed system is VDA’s Micromaster, tested through over 40 years of experience, allowing you to switch to “standby” mode and thus “saving energy” when the guest is not present in the room, it changing into active mode as soon as it detects the guest’s presence again.

This superb Automation System saves important operating costs through reduction in consumption, thus reducing unnecessary costs for the Hotel.

The design chosen for the control plate is Vitrum, a sculptured glass product that changes a simple switch into a beautiful furnishing, one most requested by Interior Designers and Architects.