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Red Planet Hotels

Red Planet is an originator in the concept of a 5-star sleep within a budget hotel room. With an unbeatable value, Red Planet is a popular guest stay that has exceptional services and locations across South East Asia and Japan with over 30 properties in its group. Giving travelers free Wi-Fi , Red Planet properties are each uniquely situated within their residing cities with high standard of Budget accommodation. Mobile app access to their their booking system, customer service touch points and amenities makes Red Planet hotels convenient and easy to manage for the guest.

VDA for the Red Planet Hotels

The challenge for VDA was to create a room control system and access control, but in a budget form factor. VDA room access consist of RFID cards that are used to open the guest room door where once the card is placed in the card holder the power in the room will switch on. The room control is managed by a custom panel that manages temperature control, DND and a selection button for other amenities used.

VDA was able to develop a customized solution to meet the client needs. More over the functionality and utility for guests surpasses what most hotels in the budget market can offer. The same solution is deployed across all the Group properties increasing operation and workflow efficiency.

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