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Montecallini is a hotel where you can experience the slowness and simple pleasures of the land in which it is located, the Salento.
Located on a small hill overlooking the bay of San Gregorio, Montecallini is a natural path of emotions. The building, through a stylistic search of shapes and colors, is characterized by the large arches of the private lodges that run around the perimeter, alternating with rectangular windows. This choice echoes the ancient farms of Salento. Its optimal location allows you to reach all the wonders surrounding it: Otranto, Gallipoli, Santa Maria di Leuca, with white sandy beaches within a few minute’s drive. Today it welcomes guests seeking peace of the senses, contact with local traditions, and comfort.

Hotel Montecallini has installed the VDA hotel automation technology in all its rooms, favoring the reduction of consumption and the optimization of resources. Thanks to the Guest Room Management system, the motion sensor detects the customer‘s entry into his room, automatically activating the GRMS functionality and adjusting the lighting and the air conditioning system to ensure an optimal temperature. Similarly, when the customer leaves their room, the system turns off the lights and adjusts the temperature to decrease consumption responsibly 

Inside the room, the guest manages the room functions (lights and climate control) through the thermostat, peripherals, and Vitrum collection smart switches, an icon of high Italian design in LED backlit glass. VDA has customized the door-out card reader with the hotel logo, the room name, and icons that communicate directly to the hotel staff the status of the room and any guest requests 

Interruttori smart hotel Montecallini

The Vitrum temperature control panel allows the guest to interact with the Guest Room management system, change the set-points and fan speed, set the energy-saving function, or switch off the air conditioning system, managed by several separate climate zones inside the room.

The VDA Guest Room management system also allows you to activate the chromotherapy function, which a Vitrum device controls, to ensure guests a sensational experience of well-being.

Commitment to sustainability   

For more than 20 years now, Hotel Montecallini has demonstrated a concrete commitment to sustainability: from energy savings to architectural design, to water conservation and catering, this property stands out for its ability to combine comfort and local authenticity with innovation and respect for the environment.   

Energy savings 

Resource savings and optimization are a key part of this commitment. The Hotel has invested in energy efficiency since its first years of operation, with a visionary look that led him to this choice to install the VDA Guest Room Management system to optimize the HVAC consumption of the rooms. The Hotel then chose to convert all the lighting in the structure to LED, implementing smart lighting to minimize the use of energy when there is no need. Outdoor solar lamps are used, creating a dramatic impact at an extremely low cost.  

In 2022, with the tax breaks for the technological transition of Industry 4.0, particular appliances were adopted that save up to 30%-40% of energy costs. In addition, some architectural choices allow the structure to ensure better containment of temperature, thus minimizing the use of air conditioning.  

Water consumption  

The reduction of water waste is another point of great interest for Hotel Montecallini. Thanks to the installation of solar panels, it can guarantee an accumulation of about 6000 liters of sanitary water; outside, however, reducing to a minimum the use of cement for surface coverage and choosing particular drainage materials, rainwater can be collected from the ground, which drains it and returns it to the aquifers. 


For the construction,  materials were chosen from the local territory, such as tuff or Lecce stone, as well as stones coming directly from the excavation of the building that was built following the stylistic canons of the ancient Salento farms and taking as a model the fortified Castle of Acaya, bringing the structure back to its roots of the local historical culture.  


Last but not least, Hotel Montecallini is interested in the cultivation of local products, inlcuding fruits to vegetables. To limit as much as possible the transport of food, they maintain a vegetable garden that allows the restaurant to guarantee products at km 0 of high quality and always in season.