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Neuroscience, artificial intelligence and machine learning revolutionize Hospitality

In a rapidly changing technological landscape, the hospitality industry is at the forefront of innovation, combining the worlds of neuroscience, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to redefine the guest experience and improve the operational efficiency of its resources.

William Feltrin, Group Product Marketing Manager at VDA Telkonet, at the Hospitality Day event held last October in Rimini, Italy, presented a vision that goes beyond the conventional notion of hotel automation, emphasizing a shift in approach toward a “People Centric” model.


The Hotel of the Future
The future of hospitality is no longer content with a hotel room equipped with state-of-the-art systems to control access, lights, curtains through smart devices and IoT sensors. For although to many these technologies may appear to be the pinnacle of innovation, for VDA Telkonet they represent, as of today, an established, and sometimes outdated, version of room automation. This evolution reflects the relentless quest to improve not only the guest experience, but that of all stakeholders working in the Hospitality industry, including facility owners, employees, and system integrators.

VDA Telkonet began shifting its focus from the “Guest Experience” concept to a “People Centric” approach as early as 2018. The launch of the Etheos platform in 2021 revolutionized the industry by implementing cloud-based technologies for the first time in an industry such as GRMS (Guest Room management System) enabling, among other functions, data accessibility and control of all connected facilities.

The synergy between technology and human comfort has become more evident through the fusion of AI, machine learning and neuroscience. These elements, once far apart, now converge to provide tangible benefits to both guests and the hotel business itself.

Artificial intelligence (AI), can interpret the enormous amount of information transmitted to the cloud from sensors installed throughout the facilities.  AI uses the mass of collected data to identify  recurring patterns and enable the implementation of Predictive Maintenance.
The application of Predictive Maintenance leads to an inevitable reduction on operational costs by minimizing failures, improving efficiency and employee organization and consequently avoiding inconvenience during guest stays.

Algorithms can also analyze reservation forecasts and traffic predictions to determine the optimal number of employees needed at a given time. This assists with determining the appropriate staffing levels.


A new synergy
The birth of the collaboration between Strobilo, an Italian company specializing in applied neuroscience, and VDA Telkonet has made it possible to extend the study of the impact of environmental factors on human well-being, to the Hospitality sector. This collaboration aims to objectively enhance guests’ experiences, paving the way for personalized, comfortable and efficient stays, thus setting a new standard in the industry.

Measuring air quality, noise levels, CO2 and other parameters, the Etheos platform leverages Strobilo’s algorithms by generating scientifically supported KPIs. These include sleep quality, general comfort, air quality and brain comfort, translating subjective experiences into measurable and comparable indicators. These data, monitored in real time, combined with facility-specific considerations and guest preferences are continuously monitored and adjusted through sensors installed in the room, creating tailored environments that prioritize maximum comfort.

The implementation of a pilot project in an Italian hotel marks VDA Telkonet’s commitment to concretely deepening the application of neuroscientific knowledge in hospitality, revolutionizing people’s experiences through the interaction of science and technology.
By decoding the intricate interplay between environmental factors and human responses, hotels can personalize experiences, providing guests with optimal comfort and well-being.

The future of Hospitality lies in the seamless fusion of technology and neuroscience to ensure a superior guest experience and optimize operational efficiency. VDA Telkonet is proud to lead this transformational journey toward the “People Experience” concept in the Hospitality landscape.