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Palazzo Velabro, member of Design Hotels, is a contemporary style aparthotel in Rome housed in a historic building of the 18th century that today offers 26 suites with kitchenette, 7 large rooms, a restaurant with terrace, a cozy meeting room and a fitness room. A few minutes walk from the remains of the Circus Maximus and the site of the Roman Forum, today it is home to travelers who want to enjoy a Roman stay with familiarity and high standard services.   

The modern apartments are equipped with all the systems and features necessary to make the experience optimized and comfortable. Palazzo Velabro, in fact, has chosen VDA Telkonet technology, the group that provides solutions for Energy Saving and Home Automation hotel, for its rooms, which combine perfectly with the decor and design of the environments.

Distributed Intelligence Hotel Automation Systems developed by VDA for the Hospitality world allows the Hotel to manage lighting for a total of 33 rooms between suites and apartments. The Guest Room Management System was chosen with a view to energy saving, ease in the management of the system by operators and the high level of customization. 

For the control and management of temperature and room access, Palazzo Velabro has chosen the smart switches of the Vitrum line. The carved glass plates have been customized with a white shade to meet the specific requirements of the customer and harmonize with the design of the environments.   

At check-in the guest receives the card for access to the room. Through the VDA home automation system, the Hotel is able to monitor the entrances, receive security support, consult the history of the entrances and exits from the hotel room and receive notifications of abnormal events or alarms in progress. In addition, it ensures the optimal management of the air conditioning system and energy consumption, to offer guests the best comfort while allowing the lowest energy consumption. 

Thanks to Vitrum control panels with LED backlighting, the guest can manage the room temperature in a practical and intuitive way. The VDA Room Automation system guarantees the optimal management of the air conditioning system and energy consumption, to offer guests the best comfort. After inserting the card into the cardholder, the presence sensor tells the system if the room is occupied and adjusts the temperature according to the set point chosen and the season.  

The Vitrum temperature control panel allows the guest to change the set-points and fan speed, set the DND (Do Not Disturb) function or turn off the air conditioning system. In some of its rooms, Palazzo Velabro has instead chosen the control panels of the more traditional VDA Classic line, through which the guest can also manage the room temperature.