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Palazzo Ripetta is a historic building located in one of the oldest streets in the world, from which it takes its name, the street of Ripetta. Born from the restoration of Luigi Moretti, who transformed what used to be a shelter and boarding school for girls into a contemporary and innovative building, this timeless palace offers much more than 5-star luxury hospitality. The hotel, born in the 60s, today tells the sense of community of people who have lived among its walls over the centuries, giving today’s guests a real historical and cultural journey. While maintaining full respect for their past roots, today Palazzo Ripetta looks to a better future by choosing innovative systems and policies that allow the care of the planet and people. For its 80 rooms, Palazzo Ripetta has chosen the hotel automation systems of VDA Telkonet, the group that provides energy saving and home automation solutions to hotels, giving maximum comfort and efficiency to all people who experience it.

Design, elegance, attention to every detail: the rooms of Palazzo Ripetta are contemporary and welcoming. Inside, the VDA technology in LAN (GPON system) allows to control the lighting and access in conjunction with the switches of the Classic line. For lighting control, the VDA Hotel Automation system allows the on/off function and the DALI Dimmer support to automatically program their on and off. When accessing the room, the guest uses the electronic key by approaching the access reader outside the door, transfering the information to the VDA Guest Room Management System controller through their server. Once entering the room, the guest inserts the card inside the panel with card holder, activating all of the room’s functionality. Through the prompt integration with the Property Management System (PMS), the System sends real-time information to the VDA software in the reception PC/administration to notify various room events, such as the Presence of the Guest and the Do Not Disturb (DND).

Inside the rooms of Palazzo Ripetta the Interactive TV integrates with VDA Casting system, the In-Room Entertainment solution that allows the streaming of guest content (from platforms like Netflix, Prime Video, HBO, Hulu, Disney+, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube) directly on the Hotel TV. Thanks to VDA Casting, hotel guests can stream personal multimedia content from their mobile devices to the room TV, without the need to log-in on other devices, making usability simple and secure.  

Section on Sustainability 

Today, Palazzo Ripetta is committed to preserving our planet and building a better future. The hotel is in fact certified Green Key Program, an international eco-label for recreational and tourist activities, recognized for those facilities that meet a number of needs for environmental protection. Here are the main ways in which Palazzo Ripetta supports the planet and people:  

  • The card to access the rooms is made of bamboo wood  
  • 4-pipe air conditioning system with inverter technology  
  • Use of recycled materials and plastic-free policy  
  • In the absence of the guest, the lights of the rooms turn off automatically ensuring energy saving; moreover, with the windows open the air conditioning stops working  
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Food waste composting and separate collection
  • Treatments of ozone sanitization