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Case StudyVDA - GRMS

Nautilux Luxury Resort, Rethymnon

Nautilux is a luxury 5-star resort on the northern coast of the beautiful island of Crete, in Rethymnon. Recently built, it is part of the Mage Hotels & Resorts chain and is the ideal place for travelers looking for a combination of relaxation, beach time, luxury and exploration. The architecture – and the name – of Nautilux Luxury Resort is inspired by the shape of the Nautilus shell: the spiral architectural design is combined with modern colors, and together they create an elegant environment, yet cozy and refreshing, encircling the link with the sea on which it faces. To ensure a comfortable experience to its guests, optimize the internal operations of the staff and minimize the resource consumption of the structure, Nautilux Luxury Resort has chosen to install VDA solutions in all its rooms and elevate its business to a higher level of technological innovation.

VDA Telkonet has installed its own room management system, complete with the Vitrum line of smart switches, which allows you to manage access control, lighting and temperature by giving each room a combination of design, technology, beauty and intelligence integrated perfectly with the dominant modern and stylistic character.

The external reader for the access to the room, customized with the Hotel logo and backlit and with the room number, is perfectly suited to the modern and elegant style of the doors. Access to the room uses 13mhz card and BLE bluetooth technology, so that the guest can also access via smartphone. The icons on the surface of the device indicate any request for do not to disturb or tidy the room, which are activated directly by the guest inside the room through the commands ‘Do Not Disturb’ (DND) and ‘Make Up Room’ (MUR).

The automation system of VDA Telkonet, the group that provides solutions of Energy Saving and Guest Room Management for hotels, manages both access control and presence, through volumetric sensors, PIR, both light circuits and room scenarios, ensuring the guest an immediate and intuitive interaction and a high-profile experience for the guest. At the first entrance, they’re welcomed by a scenario and then, during their stay, they can choose which other scenario to use. After that, at each entrance the guest does not have to insert the key in the card holder: the presence is detected automatically ensuring the operation of lights and conditioning and their shutdown at any time they exit the room.

On the sides of the headboard and on the walls of the room are placed Vitrum panels to control the lighting and select the ‘Master Off’ function with which the guest can turn off all the lights in the room and fall asleep quietly. Acting on the interface, the guest can also adjust the room functions according to their needs by choosing between comfort, reading or night, where a light accompanies the guest without disturbing them. All 2 and 6 button switches are equipped with a backlit crown with RGB LEDs, ensuring the guest intuitive use.

With the hotel automation system of VDA Telkonet it is also possible to manage the temperature of the individual rooms ensuring a pleasant environment for the guest and avoiding waste that would lead to a greater impact of the structure on the planet. You can set a scheduled set point, locally or from the server, for air conditioning settings. The system allows you to have your own temperature profile in every room for every hour of every day for the whole year.  Associated with this profile, it is also possible to set different ambient temperatures as part of the energy saving program. Through the Vitrum thermostat, the guest can adjust the temperature according to the desired level of comfort and in the most efficient way. Finally, from the moment the guest decides to open the window in the room, the system automatically turns off the air conditioning to reduce energy waste.

In all Smart TVs supplied in each room of the hotel, VDA Telkonet has installed the VDA Interactive TV service with ONAIR PowerTV integration. Thanks to this system the guest has not only the possibility to access the Internet, to view the weather forecast, or to listen to the radio, but also to access the Room Service: it is in fact possible to view the opening hours and menu of the restaurant and order. PowerTV ONAIR allows you to promote the services of the Hotel through the TV in the room or on the mobile devices of guests, informing them in real time about the activities scheduled in the hotel.

Section on sustainability

The hotel demonstrates a concrete attention to sustainability ranging from the architecture of the building, energy saving, the choice of local products and the promotion of the local region, to sustainability in the internal activities of the staff. Its commitment is active and aims for ambitious goals: in the coming years, it aspires to become a 100% sustainable hotel.

Sustainable construction and carbon compensation

The architecture of the hotel is in continuous communication with the surrounding nature. The large windows allow light to illuminate the rooms naturally . Energy class A hotel, equipped with LED technology lighting and photovoltaic panels for the use of solar energy, and fully equipped with VRF heat pumps that offer maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption for temperature management within the hotel.


The choice of products is meticulously curated by the hotel’s chef, who selects the best local and seasonal ingredients to ensure an authentic and quality culinary experience. The hotel’s buffet is full of traditional Cretan/Greek dishes, but also offers international alternatives.

Optimization and saving of resources

The recycling policy is applied in every room of the hotel, and inside each room there are tablets to avoid the excessive use of paper for the communication of information. Policies for laundry service aimed at avoiding excessive use of chemicals are also communicated. It is planned to create an automatic rain irrigation system for the sustainable care of garden plants.